Stop Procrastinating.

Procrastination. I’ve been there. Everyone’s been there.

Let me give you one practical tip to get shit done. Especially when you don’t feel like getting shit done.

Choose something. Anything! Don’t even use the word commit or discipline. Just do the thing every single day whether you feel like it or not. Your only commitment is to the activity not to the big picture.

Sometimes when I get to the gym I sit in the car and I’m like “I’m not in the mood to lift some weights today”. Those are days when your energy is a little bit lower and those are the days you just fucking do it anyway! Read More


Annoying People At The Gym

If you go to a gym you’ll definitely relate to this post. let’s start.

1- The New Year Resolutionist-

These people come to the gym once a year for a month (January) and then disappear. You won’t believe how crowded the gym gets especially during the first two weeks of January.

2- The Hoarder-

They stand in the same spot in front of the mirror with a collection of dumbbells of every weight around them and “swear” they’re using them all. Read More

Does Your Appearance Affect Your Success?

People are always judging us. They’re judging how they feel about us based on our physical appearance. But we should never base our self-esteem on other people’s judgement, because what’s beautiful to one person is ugly to another. But what we can do is change the way that we fell about ourselves and about the way we look. The way you feel about yourself, the way you carry yourself and what you think about yourself radiates from you! Far more than what you say or what you’re wearing. Read More

Become The Alpha

Becoming the strongest version of yourself requires deep grounded sexuality. Let me explain.

We tend to think that an aggressive man or a warrior type person is someone who hysterically goes about destroying everything in his way and stepping on people etc etc. But there’s also a grounded aggression, a tender aggression that’s not only resourceful but far more attractive.. for example in the movie 300 you notice the king Leonidas hes a big strong badass but.. He’s also very calm, cool and calculated. There’s the balance I’m talking about. Read More

Passion Is Not Enough

“You have to be passionate about it to be successful”. How many times have you heard this? Trust me when I say that’s not how it works.

Lets take my example here – I was in love with cricket. I was very passionate about that sport. I used to train day and night and represented my school and other clubs multiple times. But after couple of years I lost interest and I wanted to try something new. I no longer felt infatuated with it. That was just the beginning for me that shit kept on happening with me for years until I learned how to oppress it.

So your heart is going to lead you in a particular direction and you let that happen because you feel good and motivated about it. But that’s where it ends, passion doesn’t make shit happen. Passion gets the ball rolling.. but commitment and discipline make sure you achieve that goal. Read More

No One Wants you To Win!

So this past week was quite interesting for me. I learned one of the most important lessons life had to offer in a very unfortunate way. But better now than never I say.

I learnt that there is no person in the world who wants to see you doing better than them (Apart from your parents of course). They don’t want any change in their perceived “hierarchy”. If you do “better” than them, in their minds, that means they go down the totem pole. You’re not fitting into the role they pegged you in anymore. Read More

My road-

Join me on my road through the vicissitudes of life. Through this blog, you will get to know a little more about me and how I overcome the obstacles thrown at me. I believe obstacles are placed in our way to see if what we want is really worth fighting for.

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