The Generation Of “Theybies” And Other Bullshit (3/3)

When Donald Trump banned Trans people from serving in the the Military there was a massive uproar. People were out on the streets protesting against the decision. The move was a reversal of an Obama administration policy that ruled transgender Americans could serve openly in the military as well as obtain funding for gender re-assignment surgery.

This is one of the major reason why I love Trump! Where the whole world is constantly trying to promote and shove down the LGBT agendas down people’s throat, Trump bans them from serving in the military without hesitation. He does what he thinks is right and never gets pressured or influenced negatively. This trait right here is very rare in today’s world of snowflake men. Staying true to yourself is a huge thing and needs to be appreciated more.

The Military does not allow people that are not healthy and are on constant medications, so how can they allow trans people who constantly need to take hormonal shots and depression pills and are mentally unstable? (45% of trans commit suicide within 5 years of reassignment surgery) Now add that to the extreme stress environment brought on in the combat zone.

Explain this – Why do Trans people force others to accept them as they are when they themselves didn’t accept who they used to be?

Enough talk about the X-men (get it?). We are living in a time of break down where men are demonized and women are victimized and where there are not as many male role models. Boys are need to be taught how to be men. Where once upon a time Manliness was pounded into the heads of the boys so thoroughly that it was likely they’d become responsible men.

The world needs more leaders like Trump. The only other leader that I can think of is Mohammed Bin Salman aka MBS. He’s a future hero the gulf needs during these economic crisis. He too, just like Trump, does what he thinks is right. The pressure and  criticism from the media and people doesn’t bother him the slightest. Name any other person In the world who has the balls to arrest the majority of the Arab business men and keep them under house arrest and investigate them for corruption. These two can easily be labeled as the epitome of Manliness.

Let’s move on, have you heard of the term ‘Theybies’?

I’ve heard some bizarre shit in the past, but I recently came across the term ‘Theybies’. It is a stupid, cool sounding little term that naive and overly concerned parents are giving their children due to the fact they want to be super gender-neutral. When the child hits an appropriate age they will then let them decide the gender they want to identify as. Why should children who haven’t fully developed their prefrontal cortex (the main facility for decision making in the brain) be responsible for choosing their gender? While they are at it why not just ask for consent before changing the kid’s diaper? Oh wait, that’s already a thing.


Look at the boys of today, do you really think these feminine cupcakes will be able to protect their loved ones and themselves if they are mugged or attacked? Will they be able to go out and serve for their country if a war strikes? Personally I would love to see these sensitive puppies hide behind a real man during the time of difficulties, war and turmoil.


If giving too much rights and freedom to people leads them to sleep with the same gender and cut off their body parts to mutate into the other gender. Then I see nothing wrong with a conservative country. It’s against nature and every religion out there is against it. Your opinion may differ from mine but everyone has the right to freedom of opinion. Stop forcing your agendas down people’s throat and compel people to accept them.

There are only 2 sexes, male and female and yes, gender is a synonym for the word sex. You are what you’re born with so stop throwing science out the window and making your own shit. A few generations ago we were worried about going to war, the destruction of the world via the atomic bomb, surviving the plague or even at one point just simply having a good harvest. Now we’re raising babies without a gender. This world needs a reset button ASAP!

Well, this concludes my 3 part series where I tried to sum-up the Snowflake Generation that we live in today. Hope you enjoyed reading it more than I enjoyed ranting about it.























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