Why Feminism Is A Joke

So Feminism is getting a bit out of hand lately and it’s not just about equality anymore. Equality doesn’t even come close to what they demand now.

Let’s answer some of their questions.

Q- Why are women considered as the weaker sex?

A- Because an average man has about 50% higher upper body strength than a woman. That’s simple Biology. There’s also the fact that men are the ones who go to war and fight and die to protect you. Men are the ones who work dangerous jobs which make your comfortable jobs in the industrialized world possible and historically men are also the ones to go out in the unforgiving wilderness so ungrateful women like you can eat.

Q- Why are men afraid of gender equality?

A- Gender equality? Feminism is pushing gender INEQUALITY! I’ll give you examples..

  1.  In 2005 a Swedish politician also the co-founder of feminist initiative proposed what media called a “man tax” which raised taxes for men in Sweden based on the idea that all men must be held accountable for all man on woman violence.
  2. In 2013 Indian Feminists successfully pressured the Indian government to rewrite the rape laws in such a way that only men can be charged with rape.
  3.  In 2015 York University planned to hold an International men’s day meant to highlight issues effecting men and boys such as the high suicide rate, short life expectancy and troubles getting education and jobs. It was CANCELLED after feminists, staff and students filed a petition to ban it which received more than 200 signatures.

You can claim the definition of feminism as advocating gender equality all you want..  but actions speak louder than words.


Q- Why are you so afraid of recognizing your privileges?

A- It’s because I don’t have privileges but you do. Want me to explain? I defy you to name just one legal privilege I have which you don’t have. I can think of several which you women have that I don’t. Let me list some.

  1.  Women are almost always granted custody of children after a divorce unless the man can prove she is unfit to care for them.
  2.  A woman who gets pregnant by raping a man or an underage boy can sue him for child support. (Hermesmann Vs Seyer)
  3. Domestic violence against women is actually taken seriously. Men are always presumed to be the aggressors in these cases despite the fact that CDC statistics have found that more than 70% of non reciprocated domestic violence is perpetuated by women.


Men and women are not equal. They are separate, distinct, and complimentary. Equal in dignity and worth, but unequal in every other way. We should be learning how to celebrate these differences and use them in service to each other.

This is feminism and it helps no one. It has long since outlived whatever purpose it may have served many decades ago. 




  1. filthydee123 · July 27

    Hamdaan, please stop bringing all your facts and well thought out arguments to this emotional issue. 🙂 Well written!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Daniel · February 14

    Hey Carson if You Read this I want to do the same topic as you and my name is Daniel


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