Annoying People At The Gym

If you go to a gym you’ll definitely relate to this post. let’s start.

1- The New Year Resolutionist-

These people come to the gym once a year for a month (January) and then disappear. You won’t believe how crowded the gym gets especially during the first two weeks of January.

2- The Hoarder-

They stand in the same spot in front of the mirror with a collection of dumbbells of every weight around them and “swear” they’re using them all.

3- The Creep-

They are the reason reason women feel intimidated by the weight room. They don’t stop their gawking even if they’re caught. Pathetic I know.

4- The Talker-

These are the worst people in the gym trust me! I have switched gyms just to avoid some of these people! You can make great friends at the gym, but don’t be “that guy”. The guy who interrupts your workout to chat. Incessantly. About nothing… except himself of course. No matter how hard you politely try to get away, you just can’t break it off. The worst offenders will follow you and continue to talk even after you’ve started a new set.

5- The Bros-

I hate to interrupt but when you train with eight of your bros, you’re taking up one piece of equipment for over an hour and the 22 minute rest interval doesn’t help as well.

6- The CrossFitter-

You know that saying, CrossFit would be pretty cool if it wasn’t for all the CrossFitters? Yeah, that’s about these guys.

7- The Know It All-

I see it happen a lot at various gyms I train at, and have yet to witness anyone who appreciates a total stranger giving them advice that they didn’t even ask for.

8- The Fuck Boy-

Noodle armed boys wearing tank tops and jeans shorts and trying to lift weights twice their size. Who the fuck do you think you are?




  1. Thefitfrequentflyer · July 22

    Hah! Yes, there are all of these. Made me laugh

    Liked by 1 person

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