Everyone’s Better Than Me.

I met up with my friend from 10th grade after nearly 4 years last night. This guy was famous for his talent and interest in singing and music back in school. He had big goals planned ahead regarding it, but last night he told me that he stopped pursuing it because he felt every one in that particular field were better than him and according to him other people put in less effort and yet everyone around him were much better than him. That made him feel there was no reason for him to continue trying.

The very first thing I told him after he completed his pitiful story was “Good, I am happy that everyone else is better than you.”

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New Year Doesn’t Mean A New You.

It’s that time of the year again. It’s time for the “resolutionist’s” to come out of their caves and set goals for the year. Which obviously will have no value and won’t mean anything to them when January ends.¬†The New Year has been labeled as a time to catalyze positive change within ourselves, and as seen through cringe-worthy Facebook and Twitter posts, “New year, new me.” If you ask me the idea of resolutions on New Year’s is deluded. Nothing gets more on my nerves than knowing the fact that people wait nearly a whole year to bring positive changes in themselves.¬†Intrinsically, there is nothing special about New Year’s, if you want to improve yourself, begin changing yourself and your routines from today. There is absolutely no reason to wait until a certain time of the year to do that.

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Why Do We Have Haters?

So I have been dealing with a lot of hate and jealousy recently and it is really surprising when people close to you start acting funny. It makes you question yourself if you’ve done something wrong. As for me all I’ve been doing is making gains, dealing with businesses and trying to clear my exams. Seems nothing wrong there right? Then why all the hate and butthurt-ness?

There are a couple of things that I’d like to point out here, the very first one is that people don’t like it when you change. People in your environment don’t want you to grow up because it forces them to grow up, it forces them to have to change to match or reach your level. 

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A King, A Warrior, A Magician And A Lover

I’ve seen people chase their goals with all their energy and I’ve seen it fade away over time. The problem is you’re bringing home the meat from your endeavours and it is costing you more than it should. I’d like to share a metaphor by Elliot Hulse who describes a balanced man as a king, a warrior, a magician and a lover. I’m going to talk to you about these and where you’re receiving this imbalance so that you can continue to be a warrior but in a much more intelligent fashion. These are the qualities you need to develop in yourself so you can continue to proceed in life with more creativity, concentration and pleasure. These are all the things that need to be in equal proportions for us to really enjoy our lives.

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Fat Acceptance Is Death Acceptance

I could just end this post right now by asking you if you’ve ever seen a “plus size” 70 year old? No? That’s because they’re nowhere! They’re dead! But since I like roasting fat people I’ll keep going.

I’ve had enough of the so called fat acceptance movement and the plus size is beautiful bullshit. You’re not special. You’re not different. You’re not unique. You’re dying!

If you want to know how “healthy” being fat is then talk to a doctor. The entire medical community are not a bunch of cracks. There are 500,000 obesity related deaths per year.

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A Lion Doesn’t Concern Himself With The Opinion Of Sheep.

“A lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinion of sheep.” this is one of my favorite quotes and one of the very few I live by. For those who religiously follow Game Of Thrones you might have heard this quote uttered by Tywin Lannister.

What does it mean ?

For people like me life is a battleground and the only opinion that matters is yours. Becoming the king of the jungle is the first prize and nothing and no one will get in the way. Taking the quote at face value  it instills us to ignore negativity and to not stop until you achieve what you had set out to do.

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